About AgriVital

How can we improve the quality and yield of livestock in a natural way? As a company, AgriVital is based on that particular question. It has made us what we are today: a producer and supplier of four different products:

•    Epona for pigs
•    Nuada for poultry
•    Berkana for manure
•    Danu for plants

AgriVital is continually working on the development of new products.

Epona, Nuada, Berkana and Danu are made with simple, completely natural materials, and are mostly based on extremely pure and finely ground chalk, salt or magnesium sulphate. Our products are non-toxic and harmless to people, animals and the soil. No chemical components are added.

AgriVital is GMP+ Feed Safety Assurance-certified (GMP+ FSA). This certificate ensures the safety of animal feed in all aspects of the food chain. It also comprises ISO 9001 and HACCP, among other things. Epona and Nuada have been approved by SecureFeed.

GMP+ certificate Agitival International (EN + NL)

AgriVital is located in the lovely town of Rossum, in the Netherlands. Are you interested in our company, our products or the way they are used? Feel free to get in touch.