Berkana improves the atmosphere in the stable in different ways. Crusts and floating top layers dissolve, there is no foam production and there is a marked reduction in ammonia smells. Moreover, Berkana encourages humification in the soil and improves animal welfare. One more reason to choose Berkana!
Composition and effects
AgriVital products are made with completely natural materials, and are mostly based on extremely pure and finely ground chalk, salt or magnesium sulphate. Our products are non-toxic and harmless to people, animals and the soil. No chemical components are added. Our products work according to the principles of bioresonance, improving the digestive system of the animal. This in turn improves their welfare and health.
  • Better atmosphere in the stable
  • Reduction of ammonia
  • No foam
  • Sediment dissolves easily
  • Homogenous, useful manure
  • Healthy and fit animals
Use and dosage
Berkana is used for slurry pits and solid manure. You only need a small amount of Berkana in order to see results: 
1-1.5 kg on 100 m3 manure. (A double dose is advised for the first treatment) 

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