Poultry Farming

For poultry farming, AgriVital has developed Nuada. There are two versions, Nuada Feed en Nuada Water.
Benefits of Nuada
  • Nuada enhances food intake and digestion
  • It improves the animals’ normal growth and supports their health
  • No (or less) need for antibiotics
  • Nuada improves the air quality in the stable
  • Better animal welfare
  • Nuada increases egg production and ensures a better quality of eggshell
  • Meat chickens will grow better
  • Greatly reduced smell of ammonia in the stable

Use and dosage
Nuada Feed is added to the fodder.
Nuada Water is mixed through liquid fodder or drinking water. A dosing pump can deliver it directly into the water pipes.

You only need a small amount of Nuada in order to see results: 
Nuada Feed: 0.5 kg per 1000 kg fodder
Nuada Water: 0.05 – 0.2 kg per 1000 litre drinking water 

Find more information on Nuada here.