Danu can help you achieve a better yield with stronger plants. Are your crops damaged, or would you like to improve your yield? Danu can improve, restore and stimulate the plants. It is applicable in different types of crops, like rapeseed, potatoes, corn etc.
Benefits of Danu
  • Danu strengthens the plant
  • It encourages the growth of microorganisms in the soil
  • No harmful effects on roots, fruit or crops
  • The soil is loosened, more absorbent and quicker to heat up
  • Plants are more resistant to diseases and show signs of better assimilation
  • Danu improves the number and quality of roots
  • Higher yield

Use and dosage
Danu is soluble in water and can be used in combination with herbicides and fungicides.

You only need a small amount of Danu in order to see results: 
1-2 kg on 200 – 400 litre water per hectare 

Find more information on Danu here.